Our Story

Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor’s first home started in December 1989 at Jalan Dapat in Johor Bahru. Today 24 Homes and Centres have been set up within the Johor Bahru area.

Our homes and rehabilitation centres are places of refuge for the sole purpose of touching our community with God’s love. By God’s grace, the needs of the helpless, abused, abandoned and the disadvantaged are looked after. Here, they can be rehabilitated and restored for a future with ahope.

On the other hand, our Special Education Centres provide the much needed intervention and learning support for the intellectually disabled.

The total operating expenses for the Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor’s (PKK) Homes and Centres amount to RM2.53 million annually. The founding church (Calvary City Church) provides approximately 30% of the finances. The balance 70% come from general public – both individuals and corporations – who have been generous and faithful in their donations.

Presently we are sheltering, feeding, nurturing, educating or rehabilitating a total of over 550 people (residents, day special education centre children and care givers). The major expenses incurred are for food, utilities, rentals, vehicle maintenance, vehicle loan repayment and workers’ salaries.

We are also in the midst of developingCalvary Care Village(13.6 acre plot of land) – a centralized rehabilitation centre for those with substance abuse and the psychologically challenged (men) – at Pasir Gudang, Johor.

List of Homes and Centres:

Rehabilitation Centres for Substance Abuse:

  • Calvary Care Centre 2
  • Calvary Care Centre 3
  • Calvary Care centre 4
  • Calvary Healing Centre
  • Calvary Care Centre 7
  • Calvary Care Centre 8

Homes for Senior Citizens

  • Calvary Old Folks Home (Men)
  • Calvary Old Folks Home (Ladies)

Home for Single Mothers and their Children

  • Calvary Shelter Home

Homes for Children and Teenagers

  • Calvary Girls Home(Home for girls age 12 years and below)
  • Calvary Boys Home(Home for boys age 12 years and below)
  • Calvary Junior Boys Home 3(Home for teenage boys)
  • Calvary Challenge Home 1(Home for teenage boys)
  • Calvary Challenge Home 2(Home for boys age 12 years and below)
  • Calvary Junior Care Centres 1 & 2(Home for teenage boys)
  • Calvary Teenage Girls Homes 1 & 2(Home for teenage girls)

Homes for the Psychologically Challenged

  • Calvary Renewal Centre (Men)
  • Calvary Grace Home (Ladies)
  • Rumah Aman Kalvari (Ladies)

Special Education Centre for Autistic Children

  • Calvary Victory Centre

Special Education Centre for Down Syndrome Children

  • Calvary Miracle Centre