• Official Video </br> 官方视频
  • Care Centres <br />关怀中心
  • Healing Centre </br>医治中心
  • Boys Home, Girls Home </br>男生收容所,女生收容所
  • Renewal Centre </br>更新之家
  • Official Video

    Official Video </br> 官方视频

    Our Officially Video.

  • Care Centres

    Care Centres <br />关怀中心

    These centres are drug rehabilitation centres housing a total of more than 100men, the rehabilitation programme focuses on helping these men to come out of [...]

  • Healing Centre

    Healing Centre </br>医治中心

    ‘Calvary Healing Centre’ has its focus on HIV+ victims who are mainly former addicts.  Here, miraculous healing by our LORD has taken place for many [...]

  • Boys Home, Girls Home

    Boys Home, Girls Home </br>男生收容所,女生收容所

                “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take care of me.”  (Psalm 27:10,NKJV.)  A [...]

  • Renewal Centre

    Renewal Centre </br>更新之家

    This is a growing need in our society today to minister the LOVE of JESUS to individuals facing this challenge. The cause may be congenital [...]

  • Grace Home & Rumah Aman

    Grace Home & Rumah Aman </br>恩典之家,平安之家

    Similar to ‘Calvary Renewal Centre’, this Home receives women facing psychological challenges.  A range of activities with the support of the Church, public and Ministry [...]

  • Calvary Victory Centre

    Calvary Victory Centre </br>得胜中心

    On 1st October 1998, a new ministry for children with autism was started. Originally known as ‘Calvary Autistic Centre’, it was a pioneering work to [...]

  • Calvary Miracle Centre

    Calvary Miracle Centre </br>神迹中心

    This school began in November 2007 by GOD’s grace.  Its ultimate aim is to enable children with Down Syndrome to be as independent as possible [...]

  • Junior Care Centres 1, 2, 3
    青少年关怀中心 1, 2, 3

    Junior Care Centres 1, 2, 3 </br>青少年关怀中心 1, 2, 3

    The residents of this Home consist of teenage boys.  In addition family problems at home, these youths also encounter challenges adapting to normal schooling system.  [...]

  • Challenge Home 1, 2
    挑战之家 1, 2

    Challenge Home 1, 2 </br>挑战之家 1, 2

    A home for teenage boys, its residents comprise of teenagers coming from diverse challenging backgrounds.  Amongst them are orphans, from single parent households, broken families [...]

  • Shelter Home

    Shelter Home </br>避难所

    “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows…” (Psalm 68:5a, NKJV.)  A home for single mothers and their children as well as for abused women.  [...]

  • Old Folks Home (Men & Ladies)
    老人院 (男 & 女)

    Old Folks Home (Men & Ladies) </br>老人院 (男 & 女)

    In a world caught up with materialism and unforgiveness, many elderly bear its brunt.  A high number are left uncared by family members, staying alone, [...]

  • Teenage Girls Home

    Teenage Girls Home </br>青少年女生收容所

    In JESUS there is hope! Similar to the residents of “Calvary Challenge Homes”, these homes accommodate teenage girls from diverse challenging backgrounds. 在耶稣里拥有盼望!类似“加略山挑战之家”的住户,这些收容所为来自不同且充满挑战的背景之青少年女生提供住宿。